Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Work Ethic

Under commit, over deliver, Dont make any promises at all
Theres no point tryin to be a hero and finding youself up against a wall
Promise a little less than the earth, when asked for the moon
Never fall into the trap of speaking too soon

Dont be political, always stay aloof
Just do your thing , and make sure you're always weasel-proof
At meetings and lunches better listen, uness you're told to speak
Never indulge in gossip, never be the source of a leak

Never suck up, never flatter, never be a yes man
But then its good to feed egos once in a while, if you can
Idiots with authority sometimes need to feel superior
If that makes them leave you alone, its worth being branded as inferior

Stay away from controversey, avoid conflict
The deeper you go, the more damage you inflict
Fighting never helped anyone, it only gets people under your skin
But then as Sun Tzu says, if you have to fight...then fight to win

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