Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Dhobi Ghat - An attempted art film

The first question that occured to me after watching it..."Why?" I mean why would somebody make a movie like this..neither mainstream cinema..nor documentary...stuck somewhere between the two. And doing justice to neither. A slightly diffuse story-line. Could'nt really figure out what one was to take away at the end of the whole thing. There was the feeling of something something left unfinished. Nobody in the movie gets what he/she wants in the end. Which is OK (better than the overly mushy, happy ending drivel), but it couldve been a little less abrupt.

Not much of an Aamir Khan movie. So if you're going there expecting an Aamir Khan starrer, you're going to be disappointed. Its shot really well..the whole old mumbai picturization thing is done well. One of the few..or rather the only strong positives of the movie. Some of the stills shown in the film are quite amazing as well. But as a movie, it lacked for a lot. Lots of people were comparing it to Peepli Live. Havent seen that so cant comment.

All in all, disappointing, IMHO. A desparate attempt at making an art film, but falling short by quite a bit. You'd rather spend the money on a beer or 2 at Mondy's.

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