Sunday, July 1, 2007

True to my word, Im back!!!. On this raindrenced, wet, sodden , mucky, muddy sunday evening. Absolutely uneventful week. Except for the fact that I came a year closer to death about 5 days ago.

This city amazes me. Its people amaze me even more. Every year, by the year, rains lash it. Merciless, ruthlessly. And every year people suffer. Houses flooded. Streets flooded. Railway tracks flooded. Everythings flooded. One could almost reword Bob Dylan's "Everythin's broken" to everythin's flooded. The only plus point is that the weather is a little better. As in one sweats like a human being rather than like a horse who's just run 400 miles.

Traveling in the train yesterday, I got a rather interesting idea. One could actually turn the central and harbour lines into a tourist attraction during the rainy season. People were actually clicking snaps of flooded tracks and stranded locals. Hmm...potential revenue generator. Should contact the MMRDA or whatever other insane organization it is that runs this city. But it was fun. If you havent lived in the mayhem caused by mumbai rains, hell you havent lived at all. Despite all the rain and muck, the maximum city works. Like no other. Ive seen other cities struggle and go bonkers with infinitely lesser rain.

As for today I was cooped up at home all day. The simple pleasures of coffee and a good book and lazing around doing nothing all day. Wonderful....

Well tomorrow is another day.....another week begins....let the games begin...

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