Sunday, June 24, 2007

Some thoughts on the Nokia E 50

For the complete lack of anything better to write on this rainwashed sunday afternoon, I thought I'd just write about my new Nokia E 50. And no Im not trying to show off my new toy like some people I know.

Recently purchased a Nokia E 50 in Mumbai. Decent deal with the buy-back on my old phone, a MOTOFLIP. Standalone, it costs Rs. 9600. All in, it costed me Rs. 8000. Well worth it for the kind of features that it has. For people in Mumbai, I would recommend the mobile store. They give you some good deals on phones.


Sleek, slim and stylish (a complete contrast to my own personality), its available in two colors,Black and Silver. Personally, I prefer Black. I think Silver looks slightly panzy but thats just me. Reasonably large screen (not 70mm cinema but good enough) and joystick, the usual stuff.


70 MB of onboard memory, expandable upto 2 GB. 1.3 mega pixel camera, MP3 player. No FM radio. Its supposed to be a business ready cell phone and not a juke box. Even so, with a 1GB card and the built in real player, music can be listened to.

Office/Internet Features

Equipped with an office suite supporting office 2000 and above. Read only mode ofcourse. Adobe pdf reader built in. Its slightly painful actually viewing documents and spread sheets given the size of the screen but its a handy thing to have. A built in web-browser through which you can surf the internet, either on the handset itself (which is VERY painful) or on your laptop/computer. This would require you to enable your advanced GPRS service (for Hutch users) and do some simple settings on your laptop/handset and you are ready to go. Your service provider should be able to help you with these settings.


You can connect to your laptop either through a USB data cabe or a bluetooth connection. The mobile can work in 2 modes viz, a PC Suite mode and a Data Transfer mode. For the former, you will need to install the Nokia PC Suite which comes with the CD accompanying the phone. For the data transfer mode, you need to have a memory card in the phone. Synchronization with MS outlook/Lotus notes is possible.

Overall summary

Amazing phone if you are looking for style and substance and a business enabled set. Reasonably priced. All in all, a good buy

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